Keiser began more than 30 years ago in the training of world class athletes. We began in sport because we recognized that there are two components to any human movement; 1. The force you produce, and 2. The speed at which you produce it.

While everyone else focused only on the development of force, we focused on both. Thanks to Keiser's Pneumatic Technology anyone can train at any speed at any given resistance. By developing speed as well as strength, you are developing Power. Research has shown that Power is the key to human performance; whether you are an elite athlete or an older adult.

We proved our point on the field of competition early on when we began training Mike Powell in 1988 to break Bob Beamon's long jump record set in Mexico City 20 years earlier. A record that many felt could never be broken. In 1991, at the World Games in Tokyo, Mike Powell broke Beamon's record with a leap of 29' 4 1/2" (8.95m) a mark that still stands today! An analysis of Powell's jump credited his training and ability to generate very high forces very quickly and take-off to get the height necessary to break the record.

Performance based sports and training is nothing new to Keiser. In fact, due to the proven effectiveness of our patented Pneumatic System our machines are designed with the functional trainer in mind. The worlds top training facilities know that Keiser is the be all that ends all when it comes to training.