We will continue to support research on exercise and aging. The latest research has shown that Power, more than Strength, is the key to our ability to perform the activities of daily living as we get older. We also know that Power is the key to human performance as an athlete as well. Keiser will always be on the cutting-edge of innovation, and what you see on these page,s is only the beginning of our commitment to bring you the latest in technology and equipment to enhance human performance.

Visit Keiser Institute on Aging for in-depth research articles on a variety of topics supporting the benefits of Power development with Keiser, Testimonials, and Older Adult Fitness Program information.

If you know anything about Keiser, you know that we are never satisfied with the status quo. We will not live in the mundane world of the expected, and it is our passion to challenge the barriers of traditional thinking to continually expand the limits of human performance. Old habits die hard, but the dedicated users of Keiser's unique Pneumatic Technology have reaped the many benefits of our efforts. Whether it's preparing an athlete for the heat of competition or simply providing a safe and effective method of exercise for an Older Adult, Keiser has the answer.