"At Athletes' Performance, our sole responsibility is to provide the absolute finest ethical support and results to our athletes. After extensive research, Keiser was the only company who encompassed the stringent requirements of technology and absolute quality equipment to help our athletes achieve their goals."
- Mark Verstegen, Founder, Athletes' Performance / Core Performance

"If you are a trainer that works with a diverse clientele that includes athletes, house-moms, baby-boomers, executives and regular old Joe’s and Jane’s, the Functional Trainer must be a staple in your toolbox."
- Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS Founder & Creator, Fitness Quest 10, San Diego, CA - Member, Under Armour Performance Training Council

"Their equipment compliments my patient spectrum from athletic performance to orthopedics. Keiser’s ability to test and train whole movement patterns gives us a clinical advantage. Our newest facility was designed with Keiser at its core. Testing and training with Keiser equipment is a definite plus for any clinic."
- Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS, Co-Founder, Functional Movement Systems

"We use the Keiser Runner and Squat Machines to develop explosive power, while
minimizing the risk of injury, and the Keiser Standing Hip for hip flexor, hip
extensor, and hip abduction work. They are an integral part of our strength and conditioning program."
- Mike Woicik, Former Strength Coach, New England Patriots

"Keiser equipment has become an integral part of our training. Our players have the ability to improve power and explosiveness in a safe effective manner. We make great use of the squat and hip machines for high speed lower body training which has been a great addition to our program."
- Jon Torine, Strength Coach, Indianapolis Colts

"Keiser has revolutionized our approach to strength training for rugby and has enabled us to ensure every repetition in a workout reflects our need to improve power"
- Mark Bennett, Wales National Conditioning Coach

"...without doubt the most exciting strength equipment that I have seen in over twenty years. As someone who from the age of 12yrs was brought up with free weights, I can honestly say that Keiser has developed a piece of equipment that may empty the gym of iron. From a soccer players point of view the feed back has been tremendous, players can work the whole body 'doing football specific movements' with resistance."
- Jim Henry, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Aston Villa Football Club

"Keiser performance equipment is a game changer. I have had the opportunity to work with Keiser performance for over 4 years at Sierra Strength & Speed. The ability to generate basketball specific training programs that use the pneumatic technology is a huge training advantage for athletes. Whether I am working with an NBA draft pick or a high school athlete, the response is the same: training with Keiser allows them to feel the power behind the movement."
- Michael Atkinson, Dir. Elite Pro Performance \ Sierra Strength and Speed Court Performance Director

"In our NFL Combine Program, we use Keiser to increase power output & to significantly improve results. Their ‘Pneumatic Resistance’ equipment is used extensively to train both pro and aspiring pro athletes."
- Brian Martin, Founder, C.E.O., Test Sports Performance

"If you're the type of professional that strives to give your best to your athletes/clients you need Keiser, period. The only limitation you will have with Keiser is your imagination."
- Marc Schlichtenmyer, Director, APEX Athletic Performance


"First from a fitness club owner's perspective, the maintenance free aspect of the bike was a reality not a myth. From an instructor and coach perspective, it opened up a world that quite literally unfolded the future of Indoor Cycling right before my eyes. What started out as a simple mission statement or "manifesto", became a full blown business of bringing the best education and tools for teaching Indoor Cycling like it has never been done before. Thank You M3, and Thank You Keiser. We aim to pass that inspiration on."  
- Gene Nacey, MPH, Founder, Cycling Fusion™

"We've had our Keiser bikes for almost 3-yrs now and love them, as they are virtually maintenance free. No brake pads (Eddy Current), no belt replacement or battery change in the monitor. The computer/monitor is great too; it gives you a more accurate/precise ride, along with the 1-24 level gearshift. We have even ordered more bikes in the past year to accommodate the cycle studio and members who want to use them on the strength/cardio decks. You can feel an immediate difference when you get on the Keiser bike; it's a very smooth ride. It was the best decision we've made with enhancing our cycling program, and we are very happy with the Keiser M3."
- John Boyd, Chelsea Piers Sports Club

"We have 181 Keiser M3 bikes in our association of eleven YMCA's. We are currently building two additional branches that will also use M3's. This bike has proven be extremely low maintenance as compared to two other brand names we have tried in the past. It is a simple, efficient design and very smooth to ride. Both staff and members are very satisfied with the Keiser M3."
- Bill Nuss - The YMCA of Greater Cleveland


"Fitness First for Women and Seniors has exclusively used Keiser equipment because it is so user friendly for our members. I can adapt it for all abilities, sizes and shapes. Miracles happen at Fitness First due to strength training using Keiser. Both our very old and frail members and our young and athletic members love our Keiser equipment. I have found it to be the safest strength equipment available today."
- Dottie Drake, Owner, Miracles Fitness

"Keiser’s equipment offers the flexibility to perform fast movements safely to develop speed, power & strength. I can’t think of better pieces of equipment to use as we age."
- Paul Holbrook, Age Performance

"We work predominately with a population above 75 years of age who need to focus on strength enhancement. Keiser equipment is not only well-designed for this population, but is very user-friendly for older adults who have seldom experienced formalized fitness training."
- John Rude M.S., President/C.E.O., Age Dynamics Inc.