Our mission at Keiser is to help your clients achieve better results, faster and safer than was ever possible. In fact, according to research, your clients, from cardiac rehabilitation patients to athletes can work harder and start their programs sooner using Keiser equipment. Keiser's Patented Pneumatic Technology removes momentum from the equation, which allows the person to train with a consistent variable resistance curve at any training speed.

Faster speeds for increased Power Development, and virtually zero shock loading to connective tissues and joints, gives users the ability to train at any speed without fear of injury.

We carry a wide range of products from single station Strength pieces to Cardio, to Hybrid Power Racks, and our Infinity Series cable machines, which have the ability to add resistance starting at 1/10 of a pound, giving almost anyone the chance to experience the benefits of strength training with Keiser.

The outcomes are clear when working with Keiser Equipment: great results for your clients. Here are just a few success stories from medical professionals using our equipment.

Rehabilitation Outcomes #1
Rehabilitation Outcomes #2
Rehabilitation Outcomes #3