Keiser has always been the equipment of choice for discerning commercial fitness clubs and organizations. It's non-intimidating style and ease of use are only one part of the reason. There are also the over a hundred peer reviewed and published studies showing how the use of Keiser's Pneumatic Technology provides a safe and effective way for users to lose weight, increase bone density, increase strength and Power, and improve stability and mobility.The real key to Keiser's success is that it gets results, and almost anyone, can get started on a Keiser exercise program.

Keiser is also there to help you help your clients. We have developed the Xpress Program. A program that will give your clients the results they need in just 30 minutes a day. We combine cardio, stretching, and strength training into one program, dramatically improving the overall health of the participant.

If your facility is interested in implementing Indoor Cycling or Group Elliptical training, our M Series Training programs are also especially helpful. Keiser offers programs to certify your trainers to effectively instruct group cycling and striding at your facility.

Keiser training paired with our optional POWER Display and eChip system, you can give your members real-time feed back and program workout data, putting the Power in their hands to accurately monitor their progress.