A - Pulley Assist Station
Employing Keiserís unique pneumatic resistance system, cables attach both to the Keiser Racks and the userís belt to customize the weight resistance of a traditional pull-up. While other machines allow users to add resistance to their own body weight, the Pulley Assist Station also provides the user an assisting counter weight. This technique makes it possible for users of all fitness levels to accomplish a successful pull-up.

B - Squat Handles
Similar to the Pulley Assist Station, Keiser Squat Handles assist users in the ability to perform squats. By attaching resistance to the userís belt, the Squat Handles allow squats to be performed without the use of a bar, increasing consistency and stability.

C - Technique Trays
Keiserís Technique Trays allow the user to place an Olympic bar with bumper plates at the preferred starting height for the user. The Technique Trays lock securing into place and can be used for Olympic style lifting.

D - Chin Up Handles
Keiserís Chin Up Handles can be locked into 14 different positions, from 7Ē thru 41Ē apart, offering greater versatility to a workout and allowing the user to both increase difficulty and target specific muscle groups. Because the handles rotate at 360 degrees, more training options are available and wrist strain is decreased.

E - Chin Up Bar
Keiserís mounted Chin Up Bar provides a more traditional opportunity for upper body strength training and incorporates seamlessly into any of the Keiser Rack configurations.

F - Adjustable Bench
Keiserís easy to move adjustable bench locks into Keiser Racks during use. When not in use, its low profile and transport wheels makes it easy to store until needed. The bench has multiple angle adjustments allowing for maximum body support throughout a variety of movements.

G - Dip Station
Similar to a stand alone dip station, the integrated Keiser Dip Station offers the added benefit of using the pneumatic resistance system for either movement assistance or increased resistance.

Additional Rack Accessories


Keiser's landmine attachment is great for large rotational movements, core, shoulder, and hip workouts. The Landmine with locking mechanism, can be purchased for both the left and right sides of the rack.


Bumper Plate Storage Rack
Built for easy storage and mobility, The Bumper Plate Storage Rack can fit most of your favorite olympic style bumper plate sets, with plenty of room to spare.


Interior Pull Up Bar
Keiser's interior pull up bar gives you various grip styles including a 2" OD horizontal grip, a 1 3/8" parallel grip, and a 1 3/8" angular grip. In addition, this interior adaptation of the pull up bar allows you to keep any existing accessories you already have on the outside of the rack and maximize the use of your rack (it can even hold fitness balls).


Keiser Lightweight Bar
Weighing in at just under six pounds, The Lightweight Bar was designed specifically for use with the Keiser Racks. The bar attaches to the pneumatic collars on a bearing mechanism which allows for unhindered movement during pivots and rotations. The bar conforms to the International Power Lifting Federation standards for knurling and diameter.

Keiser Rack Platforms


Due to the overwhelming demand from pro teams and universities, the Keiser Rack Platforms were created. This unique low profile platform is trimmed in steel tubing with cast rounded corners to reduce injury. It is constructed with quality materials to a 1ĹĒ thickness, topped with First Grade Maple (sanded, sealed and triple varnished). Our Rack Platforms also feature impact absorbing rubber to significantly reduce noise.

*All Keiser Racks can be customized with team logos and special paint colors. Additional charges may apply.

Download POWER Accessories PDF

Ivanko Olympic Plate Sets


Function meets form at an affordable price. The rubber plates included with this set features Ivanko's exclusive E-Z lift design. Ivanko rubber E-Z Lift plates will not crack, chip, flake, peel, rust or tear like cast iron painted or other non-rubber plates. Because the plates are rubber they will not damage floors or upholstery nor dent or scratch equipment. Ivanko's E-Z Lift rubber plates can easily be used with any style of plate racks either sliding, post, shelf type or "spider" racks, without worrying about compression dents on equipment frames or other damage that can occur with other non-rubber plates. Ivanko's exclusive rubber formula has a pleasant scent when compared to the offensive smell of other rubber plates. The stainless steel precision calibrated competition 7' Olympic bar is the finest and strongest bar made by Ivanko, available in stainless steel and black oxide finishes. This fabulous Olympic set is capped off with an economical pair of machined cast iron triple chrome finished spinlock collars.

Set Includes:
2 - 45 lb Rubber Encased Red Olympic Plates, 2 - 35 lb Rubber Encased Blue Olympic Plates, 2 - 25 lb Rubber Encased Yellow Olympic Plates, 2 - 10 lb Rubber Encased Black Olympic Plates, 2 - 5 lb Rubber Encased Black Olympic Plates, 2 - 2.5 lb Rubber Encased Black Olympic Plates, 7' Calibrated Competition Olympic Bar, and a set of Olympic Cast Iron Chrome Pressure Band/Spinlock Collars.