App Enhancement Available for Keiser M3 Ride

Power-up your workout with a new app designed specifically for the Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle.

The Keiser Ride Buddy™ allows the user to track and record their workouts with a focus on training load. By increasing the intensity of the ride and creating intervals of varied intensity throughout the session the body adapts and achieves an improved level of cardiovascular fitness and increased lean muscle tissue.

The Keiser Ride Buddy™ is built upon the original research and practical application of Sally Edwards and the Heart Zones® system of cardiovascular training. By assigning a weighted value of increasing magnitude to one of each heart rate training zone, one can simply multiply the number of minutes by that weighted value to arrive at a numeric value of stress experienced by the body during exercise. By using the Keiser Ride Buddy™ workouts on your Keiser M3 will now be able to reflect a Training Load accomplished at the end of the ride. The feature provides actionable information that anyone wanting to lose weight or improve their riding can use to insure improvements.

The Keiser Ride Buddy™ is free and currently available for the iPhone. For more information about the Keiser Ride Buddy™ go to You can get your Keiser Ride Buddy™ by searching for Keiser Ride Buddy Lite in the App Store. An Android app is scheduled for release in early 2012.

Download the Press Release [PDF]