Brazil Builds for Prominence

The countdown is mere days away to perhaps the greatest sporting spectacle ever to be staged in Brazil, the FIFA World Cup. The lead up to the fabled soccer event has brought both bustle, and immense pride to Luis Antonio Canevari Filho, and his father along with their team at Keiser Brazil.

“We are very excited in Brazil,” Filho beamed. Keiser Brazil will support four teams that will train on Keiser equipment during the event. “It is a great honor to support the German national team, the U.S. national team, the England national team and Holland’s national team. It’s going to be amazing for us in Brazil to see Keiser helping such incredible players.”

There is little rest for Filho and the Keiser Brazil team once the World Cup concludes in July. In another two years the World returns to Brazil for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games which will be held in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian track and field federation recently outfitted their new training center with Keiser’s pneumatic resistance equipment. The Brazilian athletes train there on Keiser’s Air 300 squat machine, the Air 300 Runner, Keiser’s Functional Trainer, Power Rack and half-rack as Keiser’s award-winning M3 indoor fitness cycles.

“Brazilian track and field is working hard to be able to win medals in 2016,” Filho explained. “They wish to use the best in terms of technology to be able to improve. I am glad that Keiser is part of that.”

When Filho thinks about the idea of a Brazilian that trained on Keiser winning an Olympic medal one word comes to mind, “incredible.” He says that with a broad smile. “We feel we are part of the process of improvement of Brazil,” Filho added. “Keiser is part of making that happen.”