Cook Center Features Keiser

Celebrated physical therapist, lecturer and author Gray Cook, founder of Functional Movement Systems, recently made Keiser a centerpiece of his newest physical therapy clinic.

Cook recently opened a three thousand square foot clinic to serve needs in Chatham, Virginia.

Among the many tools used by Gray Cook Sports Medicine and Mountain River Physical Therapy are the Keiser M5 strider and one of Keiser’s popular Infinity cable-pulley products, the Keiser Triple Trainer. While offering a video tour of the facility to Joe Heiler of, Cook noted the Keiser M5 to be “A noise free elliptical machine,” adding that, “It’s just as smooth as it can be.” Cook also complimented the placement of the foot pedals of the Keiser M5 as more anatomically beneficial than those on other models in the industry.

What Cook called the “centerpiece” of the facility is the Keiser Triple Trainer. “This piece of equipment can serve as a circuit,” he told Heiler adding, “This creates a nice little station and its very user friendly.”

Mountain River Physical Therapy now has clinics in Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and Florida. To learn more about Gray Cook and FMS go to and find out when and where Gray will be a presenter at Perform Better FMS workshops around the country.