Easy Guide to Calibrating Your M3

When you need to recalibrated your Keiser M3 indoor fitness cycle, help is quickly and readily available. The process for recalibrating your Keiser M3 can be completely in as little as forty-five seconds. Keiser’s service department offers a pair of quick and easy how-to tutorials where you can learn the necessary steps for easy recalibration of your Keiser indoor fitness cycle.

If written instructions with pictures will provide the help you need, you can download or print a pdf from this link:

A video demonstration of the calibration procedure can be viewed at
Should you still have additional questions, contact Keiser’s service department at or phone Keiser at 1-800-888-7009.

Conduct from the left side of the bike
Each step must be conducted quickly
1. Move the shift handle down
2. Rotate the pedal one turn only then stop the crank arm – display will come on.
3. Slide the red calibration tool onto the flywheel
4. Pull the calibration tool up to the magnet housing.
5. Turn the magnet housing counter-clockwise (anti-clockwise) and allow the magnets to rotate into the tool.
6. Release the magnet housing.
7. Remove the calibration tool.
8. Turn the pedal one rotation to see a “1” on the display.
9. When you see a “1” on the display twist the magnet housing clockwise 6 times.
10. When you see CALb it has been successfully calibrated.