Hofman Powers Firefighting Skills

John Hofman was an aspiring Olympic kayaking hopeful when a job posting changed his life course. A strength and conditioning coach was sought to train a city’s fire fighters. “I can do this,” he thought and he got the job.

Today John Hofman is the strength and conditioning coach for the City of Sacramento where he trains five hundred fire fighters out of a ten-thousand square foot training facility. He also trains firefighters in several nearby smaller communities. “Just like an elite athlete,” Hofman explained about training a fire fighter.

In truth there are unique facets to training a fire fighter. Young fire fighters have to be trained to keep calm. “Their heart rate soars every time a call comes in,” Hofman explained. “It’s important to control emotions.” Another common challenge that he faces is that lower backs “are the number one injuries,” he said. Movements and responsibilities leave many firefighters weak on one side. That’s where Keiser comes into play. The Keiser Functional Trainer is an essential tool in Hofman’s work. “We can actually train both sides with the Keiser Functional Trainer and grade which is better in the power assessments,” Hofman said. “We can get real life data and we are building rotational power.”

The Keiser M3 Total Body Trainer also comes in for Hofman’s praise. It’s an important part of his work with firefighters assigned to light duty or rehabilitating from injury. “It’s amazing,” he exclaimed about the Keiser TBT. “It’s important to find something that’s not going to load the injury.”

In addition to his hands-on training, Hofman has created an online training resource for firefighting professionals, In a recent article he rated the Keiser M3 Total Body Trainer one of five essential tools for firefighting fitness training.

Hofman’s work has drawn praise from leaders and firefighting professionals in the Sacramento community. Firefighters are more fit. Injury rates have fallen. Through the use and assistance of Keiser, Hofman believes that firefighting skills and service to the community have improved.