Improving Life with Keiser

For more than a decade, Dan Ritchie, PhD and Cody Sipe, PhD have been at the forefront of the effort to improve fitness and quality of life for the older segment of North America’s population. After several years of observing the work done by trainers with this segment of the population both men became concerned. “What we’ve seen is training programs that modify old school methods for an older adult,” Sipe explained. “There are specific needs that aren’t being addressed such as improving motor skills, balance, and coordination.”

In late 2013, Ritchie and Sipe took action. They teamed to create the Functional Aging Institute, an organization dedicated to assisting personal trainers to better serve the over-age-fifty five segment of the population. In January 2014 they launched Functional Aging Specialist Certification, designed to provide certification to personal trainers dedicated to working with clients who are over fifty-five.

A focal point of the training offered by Ritchie and Sipe is the use of Keiser. Both men have utilized Keiser in their practices for several years, swayed by experience and extensive research that touts the benefits of Keiser’s pneumatic resistance and power outcomes for improving the fitness of older adults. “The fact that you can do power training is a critical piece,” Sipe pointed out. “You are limited in your options if you can’t train for power.”

For more than two-decades, Keiser has been an industry leader providing options and solutions for trainers and therapists at older adult facilities and senior housing centers throughout North America. For Sipe, it is no surprise. “One of the keys is usability,” he said. “The way you can change resistance with the push of a thumb button and increase or decrease in one-pound increments.”

FAI opened with great enthusiasm. Ritchie and Sipe are in demand as speakers and presenters at events throughout the United States. Both have set an ambitious goal to certify 10,000 fitness professionals in the next five years. While some might hail them as blazing a trail they don’t see it that way. “Every eight seconds someone turns sixty-five,” Sipe said. “We have to catch up with the needs of this segment of our population.”