Innovative Training Methods Explained

The equipment at the center of the most innovative football training programs in the World will be explained at two seminars in Mexico on October 30 and 31st.

Pneumatic resistance equipment made by Keiser Corporation of California, USA is used in the training of players by such powerhouse clubs as FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Ajax and Bayern Munich. Champions of nine countries during the 2011-2012 season made the Keiser equipment an essential part of their training program. In Mexico, Xolos Tijuana and Santos Laguna utilize Keiser equipment in the training of their players.

Trainers have found Keiser to be vastly different from convention resistance training equipment. Unlike iron weights and weight stack machines, pneumatic resistance allows athletes to train at the speed of play. Trainers find that it reduces shock to joints.

“We are very happy for the opportunity to meet with trainers in Mexico and share with them information we hope can help them in their work,” said Keiser Vice President Anthony Peterson. “Keiser technology has been embraced as an important part of preparation by the best trainers, coaches and athletes around the World.”

The first Keiser seminar will take place in Puebla on Tuesday October 30 beginning at 10am at the Hotel Best Western Real de Puebla. The session will be conducted by trainer Jose Luis Hernandez, Peterson and former professional coach Ralf Cebrian. One day later on Wednesday October 31, a second seminar will be held in Mexico City at Centro de Rehabilitacion de la Comision del Jugadar. A reception will take place at 13:30 followed at 14:00 with training by Hernandez, Peterson and former professional tennis player Alejandro Hernandez Julio. Their program will also include an introduction to Keiser’s athlete testing equipment the A420.

Additional information can be received by contacting Cristina Diaz Arias on (55) 5256 0727, extension 109.