Ironman Lauds Keiser for Recovery

Competing in the annual Arizona Ironman is a grueling exercise. The event pushes competitors to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles. Victors take more than seven hours to complete the challenge while many others, pushed to the point of exhaustion, need three times longer to cross the finish line.

For sixty-five year-old Canadian Don Blacklock, November’s Arizona Ironman was far from an exhausting experience, it was euphoric. For more than five years Blacklock wondered if he would ever again walk without aid of a cane. Crossing the finish line in Tempe, Arizona represented the return to a passion for which Blacklock credits Keiser.

In 1999 Don Blacklock, a physician, was attacked by two rottweilers. The dogs’ assault sent him tumbling into a ditch. In the fall Blacklock suffered a broken vertebrae.

The ensuing years brought a stream of surgeries and physical therapy sessions that failed to restore Blacklock’s ability to walk unaided.

One evening he ventured into a fitness club in his native Comox, British Columbia. Blacklock set aside his cane and climbed aboard a Keiser M3 indoor fitness cycle. He pulled the resistance lever all the way down and with zero resistance began to pedal. “Mysteriously, I felt better,” Blacklock recalled. “I’ve been fine ever since.”

Within one week Blacklock was pain free. In the ensuing weeks he rebuilt his strength and cardiovascular fitness and was able to resume running. His recovery baffled doctors. “They don’t know why. Heck, I’m a doctor and I can’t tell you why,” he said recently.

In November, Blacklock’s incredulous journey included completing the punishing Arizona Ironman. After a brief vacation with his wife he plans to begin training for his next challenge, Ironman Canada. “I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life walking with a cane,” Blacklock recently marveled. “I sure love Keiser.”