Keiser A Key Part Of Elite Training Facility

Nestled on a hill on the idyllic island of Tenerife is a building with a view that can only be described as an epitome of tranquility. The activity that takes place within the buildings four walls, however, is anything but tranquil. The building with the scenic view houses the weight room at Tenerife Top Training, perhaps the premier sports training complex in the entire world. It is where dedication and hard work lay a foundation for championships, cups and medals. A primary tool in the weight room of Tenerife Top Training is Keiser pneumatic resistance equipment. “Well I think commercial wise it’s very important to say we work with the best equipment that you can find,” explained Ferdinand Lammertsma, Director of Tenerife Top Training. “We have the best facilities to offer so it makes a perfect combination.”

The warm weather, an ability to utilize Keiser and train on the facilities’ natural grass and artificial turf pitches has brought professional football clubs to the island from England, Russia, Germany, Holland and other European countries for their training camps. Fifty and twenty-five meter swimming pools along with a state of the art flume see such world class standouts as Ian Thorpe and national federations from France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Japan, Russia, Austria, Denmark, Norway and Sweden utilize Tenerife Top Training to prepare for major events. “We are very proud because we are a young company. We are three and a half years open now. But in the three and a half years we have returned many two or three times a year,” noted Lammertsma.

While the Spanish island is a popular destination for holiday frolic, it is also where the world’s leading football clubs, swimmers, rugby teams, tennis and volleyball competitors find the regions’ climate, the venues at Tenerife Top Training and its’ choice of Keiser pneumatic resistance equipment to be the ideal combination for building success and championships.