Keiser Achieves M3 Milestone

On a recent sunny California day, members of the M3 assembly team had no idea of the significance of the product they had just built, checked and double checked. As the finished assembly was packaged then carefully loaded onto a truck for transport to another satisfied Keiser customer, a unique milestone had been met. Keiser had produced its 150,000th M3 indoor fitness cycle!

In just five short years Dennis Keiserís creation has rocketed to the top of the indoor cycling industry. Keiser eschewed traditional friction based resistance methods and instead, utilized magnets. His innovative eddy current form of resistance produced a remarkably smooth ride hailed throughout the industry for its durability and little noise. It is little surprise that the Keiser M3 is the best-selling indoor fitness cycle in the industry.

Since creating his first M3 five years ago, Dennis Keiser has refused to rest on his laurels. He has added hundreds, if not over a thousand innovations and improvements to the Keiser M3 indoor fitness cycle. Customers no doubt noticed the significant product upgrades. Following the advent of the M3 came the M3+ in 2012 with fore and aft adjustable seat and handlebars. In 2013 Keiser introduced the exciting new M3X which partnered the Keiser M3 with Trixterís patented X-Bars. Along the way, though, were hundreds of smaller innovations to handlebars, seat posts, and other facets of the cycle.

Keiserís M3 milestone is also a tribute to the unheralded work of Randy Keiser, co-owner with and younger brother of Dennis Keiser. As head of manufacturing, Randy Keiser has worked diligently to implement methods that enable Keiser to remain competitive against rivals who manufacture their products off shore.

Both Dennis and Randy value the companyís presence in central California, were they were born and raised. Also important are the one-hundred twenty members of family, the employees who work out of Keiserís south Fresno headquarters and manufacturing plant.

With more innovations being developed, it may not be long before this milestone is a distant memory and everyone and Keiser celebrates new and bigger successes!