Keiser Aids Wounded and Injured Heroes

In a ten-thousand-square-foot training facility renowned for preparing NFL talent at Athletes’ Performance in Gulf Breeze, Florida, a solitary figure pedals a Keiser M3 indoor cycle. A few feet away, a trainer smiles upon hearing a muscular figure exhale and exclaim, “Wow!” after experiencing pneumatic resistance for the first time on a Keiser POWER Rack. The men are two whose lives are being rebuilt through a program that is restoring million-dollar talent.

The Eagle Fund was initiated by Athletes’ Performance and the Andrews Institute just over one year ago. The skilled professionals at Athletes’ Performance utilize Keiser M Series cardio and Keiser Strength equipment to rehabilitate members of elite units of the American military who have been wounded or injured during fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Keiser’s pneumatic resistance has made its strength equipment an increasingly popular physical therapy tool, particularly in Europe. In the United Kingdom, Keiser equipment is an essential part of the rehabilitation effort at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation center, Headley Court. The government of the Netherlands utilizes Keiser in its rehabilitation of wounded Dutch soldiers. Athletes’ Performance, which is renowned for preparing football talent for the riches of the pro draft, is using Keiser to restore the physical and mental well-being of some of America’s elite fighting men and women.

It was almost one year ago that Alex Lincoln, the Vice President for Elite Business Development at Athletes’ Performance, and a group of volunteers joined with the Andrews Institute to launch the Eagle Fund. It was created from a realization that greater assistance was needed to supplement the rehabilitation effort that wounded elite members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines Corps were receiving.

“We hoped to raise $50,000 and help ten to twenty,” said Lincoln, “but we succeeded in generating $600,000.” In the program’s first year, almost fifty men and women have benefited. Working with the United States Special Operations Command and the Wounded Warrior Care Coalition, another one hundred have been identified for future treatment.

“To translate this to a pro sports model, if you are running the 49ers and your quarterback gets hurt, you are going to do everything possible to get the athlete back in action,” Alex Lincoln explained. “Our government has invested seven figures, and in some cases, ten years in training these men and women on weapons, tactics and languages. It is unacceptable to lose them when the skill and the equipment is available to provide the assistance they need.”

Lincoln notes that a high percentage of the men and women who have received treatment through the Eagle Fund have successfully returned to their team and deployed soon after being at Athletes’ Performance.

“We are their last line of opportunity to get back,” Lincoln added. “To see Athletes’ Performance and Keiser transform these men and women makes us feel great!”

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