Keiser Key to Combine Prep

For three-hundred of the top professional football prospects in America, this week is the most important week of their young lives. The hopefuls will travel to Indianapolis for scrutiny from National Football League scouts, head and assistant coaches and most importantly, General Managers at the NFL Combine.

Each will undergo interviews, psychological testing and on the field skills drills such as running the forty-yard dash, bench pressing two-hundred twenty-five pounds, vertical and horizontal jumping. A majority of these talented players will have prepared for this vital audition on Keiser.

Since Athletes’ Performance, now EXOS, first initiated its’ combine prep program more than a dozen years ago, performance facilities have sprung up all around America. Each offers its own form of preparation for the NFL’s annual prospect audition.

EXOS has now grown to five facilities where dozens of prospects train under skilled coaches on Keiser’s Power Rack, Triple Trainer, Air 300 Squat, Air 300 Runner, Air 350 Biaxial Upper Back and M3 indoor fitness cycle.

Michael Johnson Performance near Dallas, Texas continues to attract more and more top NFL prospects. MJP’s Director of Performance, Lance Walker, uses a number of pieces of Keiser equipment in his training program. Mike Gough’s Athletic Edge Sports Performance in Lakewood, Florida, the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida and St. Vincent’s Sports Performance in Indianapolis, make Keiser a key component of their successful combine prep work.