Keiser Launches Video Channel

Fresno, CA- For personal trainers with questions about exercises on Keiser equipment, athletes who want
examples of how they can improve their skills, or a club owner interested in how others in their industry utilize
the M5 elliptical, Keiser introduces a solution -- the Keiser Video Channel.

Set for public launch October 15th, the Keiser Video Channel will initially feature more than 800 videoís
depicting the use, instruction for and explanation behind Keiserís revolutionary pneumatic resistance
equipment. Exercises for golfers and baseball players, training ideas for soccer and football coaches, insights
for strength coaches and personal trainers will be readily available through the myriad videos offered on the
Keiser Video Channel.

Examples of exercises one can perform on each piece of Keiser resistance equipment will be available on the
Keiser Video Channel. It will expand the skills of both personal trainers and strength coaches alike as well as
broaden the potential for users of Keiserís revolutionary equipment.
For group exercise instructors, the Keiser Video Channel will feature insights into the celebrated eddy current
magnetic resistance Keiser M3, Keiser M5 and also the new Keiser Total Body Trainer. In the future,
certification training on the Keiser M3 indoor fitness cycle will be available to fitness instructors on the Keiser
Video Channel.

The Keiser Video Channel can be accessed at

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