Keiser Offers New Dimension in Riding

Keiser takes indoor cycling to a new dimension. Dennis Keiser has taken his award-winning Keiser M3 indoor fitness cycle and integrated the dynamic workout capability of Trixter’s popular X-bars. The result is the new Keiser M3X, a partnership between Keiser and Trixter that is certain to generate excitement from indoor cycling enthusiasts.

In addition to the renowned durability and heralded smooth ride of the Keiser M3 indoor fitness cycle, the unique pivoting patented X-Bars offer riders an experience similar to mountain biking or hill climbing. “The Keiser M3X tension handlebars are another great way of offering more value to group instructors and participants,” said Keiser Vice President Darrin Pelkey.

The Keiser M3X provides riders with an upper body pump movement that gives great core, upper torso and arm benefits. Trixter proudly points to research showing their X-Bars burn more calories than when working out on other more conventional stationary cycles.

The unveiling of the Keiser M3X prototype at recent trade shows has drawn great enthusiasm from group exercise instructors and college recreation leaders. Riders who have test ridden the Keiser M3X have been impressed that X-bars offer seven levels of resistance and the cycle retains the smooth ride produced by Keiser’s revolutionary eddy current magnetic resistance.

To learn how you can order the Keiser M3X or for more information, call Keiser at 1.559.256.8000.