Keiser Part of Canadian Jewel

When the doors opened to Fortius Sport & Health in late spring, athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike marveled. The $61 million complex in Burnaby, British Columbia just outside Vancouver, encompasses training, fitness, sports medicine, and physical therapy facilities.

Central to the weight room at Fortius Sport & Health is Keiser pneumatic resistance equipment.

The Fortius Sport & Health project is unique. It is entirely philanthropic, started with a $23 million donation, and owned and operated by a foundation that takes no profits but plows all surpluses back into the project. A group that was part of VANOC, the Organizing committee that oversaw Vancouverís 2010 Olympic Games has been the genesis behind Fortius Sport & Health. The board of directors includes such sports legends as professional basketball all-star Steve Nash, speed skating icon, Johann Olav Koss, and ice hockey star, Trevor Linden.

Also unique is that, unlike many elite training centers, Fortius Sport & Health is as accessible to the general public as it is to the professional athlete. Fitness classes are offered for the public while the weight room, gym and fields offer state of the art training opportunities for premier athletes.

Keiser is proud to have been chosen as part of Fortius Sport & Healthís goal to provide leading equipment and services for fitness, training, and sports medicine. Our best wishes for great success!