Keiser Part of Significant Study

Keiser along with NuStep of Ann Arbor, MI and Brilliant Aging of Bozeman, MT have joined forces to study the improvement of health outcomes in low-income older adults. The three organizations have joined the University of Michigan and Masterpiece Living in a MacArthur Foundation grant project, part of the Foundation's How Housing Matters initiatives. Funding supports research projects which seek to address how affordable housing for older adults can be designed to achieve improved health and well-being outcomes, while lowering overall health-care costs.

The United States is an aging society, a society in which older men and women are increasing in numbers and proportion. Current policies and institutions have not yet adapted to these demographic changes. Relevant research can provide evidence upon which to base public policy that will optimize life quality and reduce costs. The outcomes of the project will be presented to the House and Senate as well as to the Administration on Aging, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Center for State Innovation and the Surgeon General. The project will help to answer the questions: How can we successfully moderate the medical needs of older adults, and how can we realize the productive potential of older adults?

The University of Michigan, Masterpiece Living and American Baptist Homes of the West (ABHOW) have been in collaboration on the project since spring, 2012. Recently, NuStep, Keiser and Kay Van Norman of Brilliant Aging have joined the project, led by Toni Antonucci, PhD, Principal Investigator and Robert L. Kahn, PhD, Co-Principal Investigator, to provide a state of the art fitness center and associated resources. NuStep and Keiser have each contributed fitness equipment, and Kay Van Norman has created programming around the equipment and implemented Project Activate(tm), a comprehensive initiative by Brilliant Aging which inspires increased physical activity. Together, the team will study how fitness interventions impact outcomes for moderate and low-income older adults.
"We truly appreciate NuStep, Keiser Corporation and Brilliant Aging for their roles in making the dream of a fitness center for our residents a reality," Ancel Romero, Senior Vice President of ABHOW, said, "Our affordable housing communities inherently operate on very narrow financial margins so their generosity and understanding of this resident need is especially appreciated. Residents and team members are of greatest importance to us and this allows us the opportunity to further enhance their well-being."

"The goal of the project is to develop a blueprint that can be widely used to improve the quality of life for all older adults, of every income level," Principal Investigator, Toni Antonucci said. "We hope the results of this field experiment will also result in Medicare and Medicaid savings and contribute to efforts to reform current models of service provision to older Americans.