Keiser Program Praised

Praise and great enthusiasm abounded for Keiser’s first U.S.–Japan Professional baseball strength coaches’ exchange.

Minnesota Twins Director of Strength and Conditioning, Perry Castellano, spoke to the Japanese Baseball Strength and Conditioning Research Society, an organization made up of strength and conditioning trainers from country’s professional baseball, University, and industrial league teams. Castellano detailed his training program and explained the various tools he uses such as Keiser’s half-rack, Air 300 runner and functional trainer. The annual event brought more than one hundred coaches and trainers to Fukuoka, Japan.

Four days later, Yuta Ryono, performance trainer for the Chiba Lotte Marines shared insight on Japanese training methods with members of the Professional Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society at its annual symposium in Orlando, Florida. Ryono’s presentation delved into cultural, philosophical and methodological differences that makeup training programs in Japan. His objective was to provide information to help American strength coaches better train Japanese players that come to play in the U.S.

Both presentations drew considerable praise from members of the respective organizations and a desire to continue the information exchange in future years.