Keiser Raises the Bar Again

Fresno, CA- Keiser, the innovative leader in indoor cycling, raises the bar again. The company that
revolutionized indoor fitness cycling with magnetic resistance, the first bike with a standard computer, and
who made power an industry training standard, now introduces the most technologically advanced indoor
fitness cycle ever, the Keiser M3i featuring Bluetooth wireless display.

“We’re opting to go with Bluetooth because of where we see the trend going,” explained Keiser founder and
President, Dennis L. Keiser. “We’ve been leading the industry in everything we’ve done and we want to
continue to lead it.” The new Keiser Bluetooth wireless computer is certain to become popular with both
riders and group exercise instructors. The computer can partner up with a wireless phone or tablet. “We can
transmit what’s in our computer and do it on less battery power than what is in our current M3 computer,”
Dennis Keiser noted.

To take advantage of this breakthrough technology, Keiser has also developed a dynamic new group exercise
projection system, the Keiser GX. Unlike conventional systems that connect to a rider-worn monitor, the
Keiser GX is transmitted by Bluetooth wireless from the bike and reflects the performance of the rider.
At first glance the Keiser M3i catches the eye with a sexy new black color scheme that also features a red
flywheel guard. On closer inspection users will appreciate several new features including some that are in the
final stages of development.

In just five short years Keiser has produced more than 150,000 M3 indoor fitness cycles making it the bestselling
indoor fitness cycle in America yet Dennis Keiser continues to innovate. “We continue working to raise
the bar and give our customers the best bike in the industry.”

The Keiser M3i and Keiser GX projection system will be available in summer 2014.