Keiser Voted Best Commercial Alternative Strength Line writes

"With a history of innovative product design, the founders of KEISER introduced the world’s first pneumatic (air) powered variable resistance equipment in the late 1970’s. Since then, they have continually been recognized as a leader in cutting edge equipment.

Unlike most strength manufacturers, Keiser equipment is a favorite of traditional health clubs, elite performance training centers as well as clinical and anti-aging facilities around the world.

With features such as user controlled resistance (at any time during the exercise), consistent variable resistance curve at any speed, privacy of workload and no shocking load to connective tissues and joints, their wide ranging success should come as no surprise. Try a workout on their Power Rack or Runner units and you will truly appreciate the advantage of training with air.

Keiser makes amazing products and is the FIT-PROF Head of the Class Winner for Best Commercial Alternative Strength Line"

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