Kicking Off With Keiser

Europe is buzzing with excitement at the start of another soccer season. In the north London hamlet of Bulls Cross, the ambitious English Premier League club, Tottenham Hotspur are abuzz over their new training center.

The team’s chairman, Daniel Levy, calls the seventy-seven acre facility, “miles ahead of everyone else.” Players, coaches, and visitors have been overwhelmed by the weight room at the facility that features Keiser pneumatic resistance equipment.

Spurs invested £ 56 million in the new training complex, which is known as Enfield. In addition to the new facility is a significant transition in the team’s training program, from iron weight stacks to Keiser. The training center features:

  • 13 Keiser M3+ indoor fitness cycles
  • 5 Keiser Power Racks
  • 4 Keiser Air300 Squat
  • A Keiser A420 chest press
  • A Keiser A420 leg extension
  • 4 Keiser Air300 Runners
  • 3 triple trainers
  • 1 Keiser Air250 leg extension
  • 1 Air250 leg curl

Seventy-five percent of the clubs in the English Premier League train their players on Keiser. Throughout Europe, the champions of Belgium, England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Scotland train their players on Keiser.