Legendary Superstar Chooses Keiser

Michael Johnson, one of the greatest track and field superstars of all time, has chosen Keiser pneumatic resistance equipment for his elite performance training center. Michael Johnson Performance, located in McKinney, Texas, near Dallas, features off-season training, biomechanical analysis, physical therapy and injury prevention programs.

Under the tutelage of Johnson and former Dallas Cowboys’ strength and conditioning coach Lance Walker, Michael Johnson Performance is the training partner to the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Stars of the NHL and Major League Soccer’s FC Dallas. It is also a training home to football prospects preparing for the NFL Combine and a bevy of standout professional, college and high school athletes.

Johnson has made Keiser a key component of his facilities’ program adding fully loaded Keiser Power Racks, Keiser Triple Trainers, Functional Trainers and wall mounted Keiser Performance Trainers. Michael Johnson Performance has also added Keiser Air300 squat machines, Air300 runners, the Air300 seated calf, Air300 leg curl, Air300 leg extension and Air250 standing hip machine. “At MJP we’re obsessive about testing and measuring,” Johnson explained. “Keiser equipment helps us to monitor and measure most of our training with the power output displays.”

Because Michael Johnson Performance trains such a wide array of athletes, Johnson feels that Keiser is an ideal tool for the challenges that arise. “Our athletes range from twelve-year-old soccer girls to NFL linemen,” Johnson noted. “The versatility of Keiser’s equipment allows us to serve all our athletes more effectively.”

The reigning world record holder at 400 meters who also held the 200 meter world record for twelve years, also recognized the uniqueness that Keiser’s pneumatic resistance brings to training. “The consistent level of resistance throughout the movement allows us to add speed to resistance training,” said Johnson.

Johnson, Walker and the staff of Michael Johnson Performance are enthused that the addition of Keiser equipment offers an opportunity to add to their current programs and develop new training programs for the athletes they serve.