New From Keiser The Belt Squat

Keiser introduces the elimination of a strength coach’s headaches, and the newest tool for building explosive lower body power, the Keiser Belt Squat.

Dennis Keiser’s latest creation eliminates shoulder and spine loading on the squat machine user. Five hundred pounds of resistance can be loaded in as little as twenty-two seconds and done with the simple press of a thumb button. The days of a strength coach having to carry hundreds of pounds of bumper plates to and from the squat machine are over. This means coaches can move more athletes through in much less time.

Keiser’s pneumatic resistance also means explosive possibilities. “Athletes can increase the speed at which they move very large loads,” noted renowned track and field coach, Randy Huntington. “With the Keiser belt squat, you can get incredible hip explosion,”

The Keiser Belt Squat offers a wider base than its Air300 squat machine. Dennis Keiser has also designed pivoting handles to accommodate athletes of all heights, even seven-footers.

“This is something great,” said Utah Jazz’ assistant strength coach, Isaiah Wright, after trying the machine at the N.S.C.A. Convention. “Being taller in stature, our guys have great demands on their lower back and knees. This almost benefits them being taller because you get full range of motion, there’s lots of space. This sets it up perfect for you. It’s another great Keiser piece.

The Keiser Belt Squat works all the big movement muscles. It offers a maximum of more than 800 pounds of resistance, begins at zero and increases in one-tenth of a pound increments which is beneficial to physical therapy users. For more information contact your Keiser representative at 1-800-888-7009 or +1-559-256-8000.

A new opportunity for athletes to build explosive power

  • Eliminates spine loading
  • Thumb button
  • More athletes in less time
  • Wider base than 300 squat
  • Pivoting handles to accommodate users of all heights

Immensely popular among sports teams and rehabilitation specialists, and a great starter piece for clubs and exercise facilities. Combination of smooth unilateral/bilateral movement makes it ideal for power training. Allows for greater pre-stretch and overall involvement of the gluteus muscles. Moveable stop holds the footplates, which makes getting on and off easier, and range of motion greater.

  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Pneumatic resistance technology
  • Standard Two-Window Display
  • Optional Five-Window POWER Display available
  • Customizable paint and upholstery