Strength Coach Praises Keiser Results

A former NCAA Division I strength coach who incorporated Keiser pneumatic resistance equipment
into the training of more than four dozen high school athletes lauded the results of the program as
unprecedented improvements.

Steve Sobonya trained forty-seven high school volleyball, baseball and football players through the
2012 spring and summer months at Terrio Edge in Fresno, California. For the first time, Sobonya incorporated
Keiser equipment into his program. “In as little as two months we noticed significant increases in speed and
explosion due to the Keiser equipment,” Sobonya said. “We had unprecedented consistency of gains in
vertical jump, standing broad jump as well as sprinting speed. Some athletes gained as much as five inches in
vertical, seven inches in their broad jump and two-tenths of a second in the forty yard dash.”

The athletes, between the ages of sixteen and eighteen all had prior weight and plyometric training
experience. Sobonya incorporated the Keiser Air250 leg press, Air 300 seated calf, Air250 leg curl and Air300
leg extension machines into a program that included traditional iron weights, plyometrics and other methods.
When using the Keiser equipment, athletes were instructed to complete as many repetitions as possible with
as much velocity as possible during a prescribed time span.

“The strength curve was the difference,” Sobonya explained, “because we didn‘t have momentum.”
Keiser’s pneumatic resistance greatly reduces the momentum inherent with lifting traditional iron weights.
Sobonya also added that “Keiser showed concern and customer service beyond our expectations.”

KEISER For more than thirty-five years Keiser has been the world leader in innovative fitness, performance
training and physical therapy equipment. Since the company’s inception, when founder Dennis Keiser
introduced a revolutionary resistance method, compressed air, Keiser has been at the cutting edge of the
industry, and remains there today. In 2006 Keiser introduced the eddy current magnetic resistance M3 indoor
cycle which has become the biggest selling indoor fitness cycle in North America. Keiser is proud to be the
training choice of champions in almost every team and individual sport on every continent.

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