Older Adult

Our Commitment to the Mature Population - Keiser has been dedicated for over fifteen years to improving the quality of life for those adults over the age of 40. Our commitment began in 1994 after six years of [linkhttp://kioa.keiser.com/research.html]research[/link] at major universities using Keiser's Pneumatic Technology showed astonishing results. Our success in this area earned us the reputation as "the equipment of choice for older adults". A reputation we are very proud of, because we have seen first hand the improvements we can make in the lives of older adults.

We are so committed to the older adult population that we have developed the Keiser Institute on Aging to promote the dissemination of information on exercise and aging.

Keiser's commitment to improving the physical performance and lives of older adults has only just begun. With every Baby-boomer worldwide now over 40, 77 million in the US alone, it is our mission to teach them how proper exercise can slow their aging process and improve their quality of life as they get older. We will accomplish this by passing on the knowledge we have gained to our customers to insure their success and success of their members.