Why Air?
While the concept of air-powered equipment is relatively straight forward, the benefits of air technology are many. Each custom Keiser air cylinder produces the resistance equivalent to a several hundred pound weight stack. Eliminating weight stacks gives Keiser several advantages. The low-impact nature of Keiser's Air-technology offers more control, reduced risk of injury and less intimidation to your customers as they begin their exercise experience.

What's the difference between Air250, Air300 and Air350?
The Air250 line was designed to be a cost-effective way to utilize Keiser's variable resistance, low impact technology. It utilizes traditional design of having both limbs work together through the range of motion.
The Air300 separates the exercise arms so each limb works independently, insuring that each limb does the same work.
The Air350 machines utilize a new approach to strength training by changing the axis of rotation of the exercise arm to achieve a greater range of motion. We refer to this as our biaxial line. Not all exercises are enhanced by this approach, therefore, it only applies to a few machines.

What machines are in the XPress Circuit?
Keiser XPress uses an M3 Indoor Cycle, the Keiser Stretch Corner and a minimum of six air-powered single station machines.

Who would benefit from the XPress program?
XPress Training is specifically designed for the individual with a busy schedule; who recognizes the importance of a fitness program that can maximize results in a minimum amount of time.

Do you offer Indoor Cycling Training?
We have several options when it comes to both Indoor Cycling, and Group Elliptical Training for your facility as well as individual programs to become officially recognized as a Keiser Trainer. We invite you to visit for more information.

Do you have high resolution images available that I can use for my facility in advertising, posters, handouts etc?
Send a marketing request via our online request form and let us know your needs. You will then be provided a usage agreement form and access to the Keiser marketing bank. Here you will find high resolution images, logos and other support items.

I am in need of additional marketing materials for my facility where can I get more of these materials?
Additional support materials can be purchased to meet your needs. Start with a a prepacked marketing kit, or replenish your marketing materials such as exercise manuals, exercise cards, posters and banners for your facility. Visit our Marketing page for more details.

How do I learn more about the various programs you have available?
Keiser has many Training options available, depending on your equipment and or client market. Visit our Training page to find out which program is right for your facility.

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