M Series Training by Keiser offers Indoor Cycling and Group Elliptical Instructor Training in addition to specialized continuing education modules. You can become officially recognized as a Keiser Trainer, and get Continuing Education Credits recognized by ACE and AFFA. Visit for more information on our M Series Training Programs, Event Calendar, Trainer Tips and more.


The ultimate in performance training. Keiser has teamed up with the best of the best in the field of performance training and professional sports to come up with a program that would meet the needs of the ever evolving performance training market. Keiser machines are the choice for many professional sports teams and trainers worldwide. Keiser Pneumatics, as research has proven, is one of the safest most effective methods of resistance ever invented.

With the eChip, itís as easy as plugging the eChip into a computer to download information, enable attendance and individual progress tracking, and compile scientific data. Now your facility and staff can easily store and graph member workout histories. This powerful tool graphs total work, repetitions, and resistance for any date period for all eChip enabled equipment. With easy to print workout summaries you now have a powerful coaching tool for your members.


The Keiser Air420 is a state of the art machine developed for the purpose of research and performance testing. Designed to produce accurate velocity, power, and acceleration information, the Air420 electronics can be added to virtually all Keiser Strength equipment. It is capable of capturing data at any moment throughout the range of motion which can then be charted to provide an accurate look at a userís performance.

iZone by Keiser is a complete training solution featuring our Infinity series cable machines. izone gives you the ability to isolate any area of your facility, small or large, creating a focus on Physio, PT, Rehab or Performance training. With branding and marketing in place, you can customize your iZone to best suit the needs of your clients. For more information please submit an online request , and ask about implementing an iZone in your facility.


The Keiser XPress Program, created to help you get the most out of your Keiser equipment. Prove to yourself what we've learned in research: if you follow the XPress Training System of just 90 minutes of exercise per week, you can expect significant gains after just 10 weeks. You don't need more than 90 minutes a week to achieve a noticeable improvement in fitness and body strength, and Keiser's research proves it. XPress is the answer for people with fast-paced lifestyles and overloaded schedules who say they're too busy to get fit.

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