Performance Testing
The Air420 performs tests designed to help determine the resistance at which a user would need to work to achieve maximum power. Based on the principal that as resistance increases, the maximum possible velocity will decrease at a relatively linear rate. These tests estimate the shape of the force versus velocity curve without the need to make a very large number of measurements.

One of these tests, the ten-repetition test, operates by inputting the users estimated One Repetition Maximum (1RM) limit. During the test, the software automatically adjusts the machines resistance and prompts the user for each repetition. Starting at a low resistance, the value increases for each subsequent repetition until the 1RM is reached. When this data is processed, the software graphs the users predicted power and velocity while also testing reaction time. This information is useful to determine a users current performance and improvements over time.

Data Captured
Machine type, positioning, and resistance setting
Duration for each rep start and stop, and total duration
Number of reps based on limb
Peak velocity, acceleration, force and power for each rep
Workout averages of velocity, acceleration, force and power
Workout peak velocity and force at peak power
Position, velocity, force and time for peak power
Peak range of motion
Peak power per limb in watts
Total work and work per limb in Joules
User reaction time

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