Want to combine the benefits of Keiser's elite air-powered strength training equipment and the simplicity of a computerized workout system?

Introducing the Keiser eChip System- a new computerized feature that functions like a simple and effective electronic workout card and costs a fraction of the cost of computer network options. The Keiser eChip system is a simple to use electronic workout card that recalls the previous workout and settings and downloads the data easily into a personal computer without any extra equipment or wiring.

Designed by Keiser exclusively for its pneumatic equipment, the eChip makes it easier than ever for exercisers to display their workout progress, recall seat adjustments and download it all into a personal computer for personal or group program charting.

eChip is compatible with the POWER Display

"We developed the eChip to provide facilities with a simple, cost-effective feature that can be used to track workouts and membership. The eChip functions like an electronic workout card. Once members insert a personal eChip into the console on each piece of Keiser equipment, the display will show previous workouts and recall set-up information. Clubs can then download the information from the eChip into a computer to track attendance, individual progress or compile scientific data."

- Dennis Keiser, President and Founder Keiser

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