The Keiser XPress Program, created to help you get the most out of your Keiser equipment. Prove to yourself what we've learned in research: if you follow the XPress Training System of just 90 minutes of exercise per week, you can expect significant gains after just 10 weeks. Including: 21-30 percent more upper body strength. 22-44 percent more lower body strength. 10 percent improvement in cardio capacity and 5 percent improvement in flexibility. XPress is the answer for people with fast-paced lifestyles and overloaded schedules who say they're too busy to get fit.

The XPress Training System

Xpress Phase I - 30 Minute Program
These first six exercises comprise the essential strength-building portion of the XPress Training System, and together with the Stretch Zone stretches, take 15 minutes. With the 13-minute cardio workout and two-minute recovery period, that adds up to a complete program in 30 minutes. Note that in all phases of the XPress, the exercise and stretch order is carefully determined to allow maximum recovery time for muscle groups just exercised.

Xpress Phase II - 45 Minute Program
These next three exercises follow in priority sequence, and bring the total strength-training/stretching portion of the XPress workout to 23 minutes. Add to this a 20 minute cardio exercise for a total workout of 45 minutes. Shoulder muscles receive top priority because they were not exercised in Phase I. Abdominal exercises rank ahead of lower back exercises because many lower back problems stem from weak abdominals. And the triceps exercise ranks ahead of the biceps exercise because triceps are more important in everyday routines like getting out of a chair or automobile.

Xpress Phase III - 60 Minute Program
Brings the XPress strength training/stretching routine to 12 exercises in 31 minutes, with 27 minutes of cardiovascular training.

Xpress Phase IV - 75 Minute Program
Brings the XPress strength training/stretching routine to 15 exercises in 39 minutes, with 34 minutes of cardiovascular training.